Snorkeling point-Phi Phi

Attractions on 7 May , 2015


Loh samah bay : Snorkeling point, blue sea, clear water. In the shallow water have so many kinds of fish and colorful corals reef.

snorkeling-lohsamah-phip-phiLoh samah bay – Phi Phi island krabi

snorkeling-lohsamah-phip-phiLohsamah? bay – Snorkeling point at Phi Phi island

snorkeling-lohsamah-phip-phiSnorkeling at Lohsamah – Phi Phi island


Hinklang Island : Best place for open sea snorkeling. Many kind of corals reef and colorful fishes.

snorkeling-hinklang-phip-phiHin Klang : Snorkeling point at Phi Phi island

snorkeling-hinklang-phip-phiBest snorkeling at Phi Phi island and many fishes

snorkeling-hinklang-phip-phiHappy snorkeling at Hin Klang : Phi Phi island