Things to do in Krabi

Things to do in Krabi and tourist attraction
Things to do in Krabi 2020 Things to do in Krabi :: Sawasdee! My name's Da, I'm a local. So, I known all here. And also I have many years ago experience with excursion and tourisms here. I can provide everything you expect to. There are a lot of tour packages in this city. Some tours take a boat trip to the island, relax on the beach and snorkelling. Some programs are adventure tour, But some trip is a unique and different experience. And only have to go with the local guide. But! my favorite activities is a private trip with kids and my family.?Alright, in this article I will talk about w...

Long tail boat krabi

Long tail boat krabi ( Private trip )
Long tail boat krabi ( Private trip ! ) Long tail boat krabi :: The most famous travelling trips in Krabi are sea tours. Boats are the means for tourists to travel to islands and beaches. The most famous boat for Krabi locals is longtail boat tour. It is made of woods with roof build-in for sunscreen. The space at the front of the boat is provided for passengers to sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. The back of the boat is used by the boat captain to control the boat.Book !! for Long tail boat (Private and Best price)Email : krabiviewtour@gmail.comWhatsapp : 66894704772 ...

Jungle Tour Package

Emerald Pool This is one of our top suggestions for place you should go in Krabi, Thailand and the number one recommendation for enjoying the underground natural springs that flourish in Krabi province. Emerald Pool it is cool water that is just heavenly to swim. The water is replenished by a natural streams running into the pool from freshwater sources on the hill above.   Hot Spring water fall it?s a natural Jacuzzi. Copper in the water gives the stony deposits a dark green color and surrounded by the green jungle. The place is simply relaxing. The water is a constant 35 d...

Krabi hot springs

Krabi hot springs? :: It is not too big waterfall only 3 meters high and 3 level. Each levels have troughs look like Jacuzzi from nature, about 4-5 troughs per levels, and 1-1.5 meters deep, each trough. Highlight : there is follow the name Hot spring plus waterfall. Only one water fall in Thailand give relaxation feel to visitors by warm water about 40-50 c Hot spring waterfall at Krabi Thailand Happy day ay hot spring location Hot spring waterfall krabi location on Klong tom Hot spring waterfall krabi entrance Krabi hot springs Booking Email : W...

Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool : Through jungle, seeing quaint trees, small, big or too old, and hearing animal sound. Along the way from car parking to emerald pool. Emerald Pool is the big pool from nature with emerald color, square shape is 25 meter wide, 20 meter long and 1.5-2 meter deep. Water there is very clear until can see stones under water. But it?s hard water. So, no aquatic plant or aquatic animals rest there. And far away from emerald pool about 800 meter, have one more interesting pool. It?s ?Blue lagoon? beautiful pool, but too deep can?t swim, suitable for visit and take ...

Tiger cave temple

Tiger cave temple : This is temple in the forest park with caves and cliffs in same area. Very big tree more than 100 years and Guan Yin palace there, also at Tiger cave temple have monkeys waiting to welcome visitors there. First step to the top : Tiger cave temple Stairs to Tiger cave temple Highlight there is stair 1,237 steps to the top. And on top can see panoramic Krabi town view and some part of Andaman sea. Top view of Tiger cave temple Big Buddha : Tiger cave temple krabi Panoramic view of Krabi town

Bor Thor Kayaking

Bor Thor : Is kayaking place belong to Ao luek district at Krabi province. The area is a National Park in which there is a complex system of rivers, Kayaking in to the tunnels. And See Prehistoric painting on the wall cave. Hilight there is Tham Lod and Pee Hua Toh Cave? Lod Cave is Sea cave where you will witness some stunning limestone formations. Can go in side by kayaking. So in side there have fantastic stalactites and stalagmites. Pee Hua Toh Cave is interesting cave. Prehistoric paintings still waiting for explore visitors, in ancient cave believed over than 3,000 years. Reach...

Ao Thalane Kayaking

Ao Thalane : Mangrove Kayaking , Exploring the Limestone Cave And Canyon. Thalane Bay is dubbed as one of the most beautiful mangrove forests in Thailand. The bay was sheltered by columns of magnificent limestone canyons and the lagoons inside. Due to its pristine ecosystem and unspoiled conditions. Kayaking is always a favorite marine sport. Have 4 Option. 1.Full day Ao-thalane & Swimming 2.Full day Ao-thalane & Elephant Trekking. 3.Full day Ao-thalane & ATV 4.Half day Ao-thalane. (Morning or After noon) Mangrove kayaking : Thalane Krabi Thailand Kayak at Thalane Krabi...

Snorkeling point-Phi Phi

Loh samah bay : Snorkeling point, blue sea, clear water. In the shallow water have so many kinds of fish and colorful corals reef. Loh samah bay - Phi Phi island krabi Lohsamah? bay - Snorkeling point at Phi Phi island Snorkeling at Lohsamah - Phi Phi island   Hinklang Island : Best place for open sea snorkeling. Many kind of corals reef and colorful fishes. Hin Klang : Snorkeling point at Phi Phi island Best snorkeling at Phi Phi island and many fishes Happy snorkeling at Hin Klang : Phi Phi island

Sightseeing-Phi Phi

Pileh Lagoon : Is the sea area cover by limestone, same way entrance and exit. The green sea inside lagoon is very clean and clear until can see sand under the sea, and also there have small beach and complete coral reef. pileh lagoon Pileh lagoon - by Longtail boat Pileh lagoon view point Pileh lagoon entrance   Monkey bay : There is paradise for who?s humanitarian or class room for who?s never see monkeys before.   Viking cave : Swallow?s nest place, and some history there about Viking.